Fenton-Pukaki Building Rotorua

Situated on the corner of Fenton and Pukaki Streets in Rotorua, this project saw us once again working with local developer TPB Properties Limited and local architect DCA Architects, who have placed their trust in iLine Construction on a number of other successful developments.

The cross roads of Fenton and Pukaki Streets is the meeting of two cultures and a snap shot of Rotorua history. Pukaki is the carved representation of a Ngati Whakaue ancestor that once stood at the base of Pukeroa Pa above Ohinemutu. In 1877 Pukaki was presented by Ngati Whakaue to Chief Judge Francis Dart Fenton as recognition to proceed with development of the Rotorua township. The presentation was seen as a seal of trust between the Crown and Ngati Whakaue.

The story of Fenton and Pukaki is captured in the two outward facing elevations. Fenton Street references a rigid colonial grid, while Pukaki Street is articulated with the colourways and patterning of Maori.

With its distinct design and its carefully considered architectural features, this striking commercial building is set to become a timeless landmark of Rotorua’s Central Business District.