Lake Road Multi-Unit Development


TPB Properties Ltd.








9 Months
iLine worked closely with local Rotorua Developer TPB Properties, to build 20 new two and three-bedroom homes on the main northern route into Rotorua. This development is part of a significant push to address the housing crisis in Rotorua, with more than 500 Kāinga Ora homes to be built across the city.

Designed by DCA Architects and constructed by iLine, this townhouse development was successfully completed in April 2024. The project showcases a union of modern and cost-effective materials, resulting in a visually stunning and sustainable design. The use of bold cladding combinations, clever layout choices for multi-unit living and thoughtful landscaping and planting ensure optimal functionality and comfort for residents.

Thanks to proactive project management, effective communication, and strong, pre-existing relationships between main contractor, developer, and architect, the construction was completed within a tight nine-month schedule, demonstrating the team’s commitment to excellence and efficiency.

Awarded with a Home Star 6, version 5 design rating, these twenty units will be a significant statement of industry leadership ahead of minimum building codes for health, efficiency, and sustainability.