Elton Verran.

Construction Director

About Elton

As Construction Director Elton supports the Senior Leadership team from a high-level management perspective. He works on company strategy, cultivating new and ongoing client relationships, and offers general company-wide leadership – supporting the construction team and actively promoting iLine’s cohesive core values and future vision.

Elton joined forces with Paul in 2012 to help build and grow iLine into the business it is today. His background combines comprehensive site and project management experience and design and build exposure, both within New Zealand and internationally.

Elton is a positive and approachable leader. He is invested in the accomplishments of his staff and believes that having a high-functioning and happy team perpetuates success. Elton is particularly proud of iLine’s position to be able to give back to the community through sponsorship of local sports teams and events.

Elton's Key Values

Elton resonates with the iLine company value “One team”. He is a huge believer in effective communication to create success and understands that everyone has their own individual set of skills and experiences that collectively shape positive outcomes.

Outside the office

Elton is an extremely passionate triathlete and all round sports person, competing in local and international triathlons. When he’s not out training for the next big race you’ll find him wakeboarding with his family, golfing and helping out with his kid’s rugby teams.