Valencia Court Apartments


Connect Construction Consultancy


January 2023


Mount Maunganui




24 Months
This 15 year old apartment block set in the middle of Mount Maunganui received a much-needed facelift, plus remediation work and full reclad. Valencia Court Apartments are an iconic feature of central Mount and needed a reclad that would be both modern and timeless.

The newly refurbished complex has 13 apartments ranging from 2 and 3 storeys. The apartments sit in a horseshoe configuration which allows for views of Mount Maunganui, Pilot Bay Harbour, and the surf at the Main Beach, making this property the ideal residential lifestyle for diehard Mounties!

iLine was the Main Contractor on the project and successfully managed a dedicated team of subcontractors to complete the reclad and refurbishment with minimal disruptions to neighboring residential and commercial properties. Design features include NuWall cladding and Trespa exterior cladding in bold and striking colour choices making this apartment complex unique to the area.